Sandblasting is the process of propelling pieces of abrasive material at a high velocity onto metal, hospital brick or concrete. This process knocks loose any rust, dirt, dust, chalk and bubbling paint so that the surface can easily be washed clean, resulting in an incredibly smooth surface.  Due to the way this technique cleans a surface, sandblasting is often used as a way to prepare the surface prior to painting. Our sandblast room is 20 ft x 40 ft and on location so once the product is completely sandblasted it will be ready and on its way to the painting process.


Sandblast Large and Small Items

Key Benefits of the Service

Sandblasting prior to painting a surface ensures that imperfections like bubbles, dirt and dust are completely removed and will not become trapped in the new layer of paint.
  Great for removing old paint, casting material and coatings
  Results will be a smooth, sleek surface
  It’s the fastest and most efficient method for removing paint and other old coatings
  Great way to simply clean off very dirty surfaces or equipment.
  Works on a number of surfaces, including metal, wood, concrete, brick and stone.