Gilbert Spray Coat, Inc. stocks a wide variety of powders that can be used to finish your products. We have many powders from Cardinal Industrial Finishes in stock, however, we have the ability to custom order powders to fit your special powder coating needs.

Most colors are available in a wide range from a dull matte finish to a shiny high gloss finish and have a number of different textures available too. Since powders are formulated to meet different sets of functional requirements, we will examine the end use of your product, to ensure proper powder selection.

Please notify us ahead of time of the brand and color of powder you would like to use to ensure we can complete each job in a timely manner. Additional costs may apply to custom powders.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a process of coating metal with a plastic finish applied in powder form and baked to a fluid state to bond it to the metal surface. Powder coating has many advantages over traditional liquid coating: It's better for the environment, applies thicker without running, and is easy to style with. Although certain aspects of powder coating can be tricky, it's certainly not difficult, especially for an enterprising soul. Proper cleaning and tools can be the difference between an amateur and a good powder coating job.

Powder Coat Example Wheel

Requirements for Powder Coating

Please be aware that not all materials are able to be powder coated. The product must be able to withstand temperatures of 400°F and must not exceed the dimensions of our oven, which measures 7ft x 7ft x 20ft. Powder Coating Oven Size Dimensions
+    400°F

Powder Coating is the perfect solution for many applications
  Environmentally friendly compared to liquid paint
  Resists chipping, scratching, fading, and corrosion.
  Consistent, uniform finish without imperfections.
  Offers diverse colors, textures, and finishes.
  Long-term cost savings over traditional methods.